Floors Done

After several weeks of not being able to work on the T/A car, I finally finished replacing the floors.  This turned into a big project.  The driver's side needed a full floor, toe board, and outer firewall. I will be welding in the passenger torque box next and hopefully starting on the roll cage soon.

3.80 Trac-lok

I finally got around to building a decent differential.  This will replace the 3.00 open diff in my street car, but will likely end up in the T/A race car for the race.  If I decide this will be too much for the 4-speed in the race car, then I will build a 3.55 differential for it.  I used a new, 4-pin, billet trac-lok unit with a forged hat and 3.80:1 gears.  Should play quite nicely with the T-5 5-speed in my '67 street car.

351 Cleveland and FMX Gone

Rally rules do not permit engines larger that 5.0L, so the old 351 Cleveland had to go (obviously this is not the original engine for the '67 anyway).  An iron-headed roller 302 will take its place.  The heavy FMX automatic transmission also had to go to make room for the bullet-proof Toploader 4-speed trans waiting in the garage.