Rear Disc Brake Adapter - 94-04 Mustang 10.5" Rear Brakes

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Rear Disc Brake Adapter - 94-04 Mustang 10.5" Rear Brakes


This kit allows the use of SN95 (94-04) Mustang and Mustang GT rear disc brakes with factory 8" and small-bearing 9" axle housings. The kit does not change the track width, works with both 14" and 15" wheels, and uses over-the-counter parts. The kit includes CNC-cut brackets and axle retainer spacers (black powder coated), new grade-8 axle retainer hardware, caliper bolts and washers, and machined aluminum centric rings. You will need to source calipers, rotors, pads, and caliper hoses.

Please see below to see what is included with kit.  Parts can be sourced used or from any autoparts store.  Install time is 2-4 hours.  Does not require removal of axle bearing/bearing retainer.

Installation Instructions

Parts Included:
(2) Caliper Brackets Black Powder Coated
(2) Axle Spacer Black Powder Coated
(4) Caliper Bolts
(4) Caliper Bolt Washers
(6) Axle Retaining Bolts (long)
(2) Axle Retaining Bolts (short)
(8) Locking Nuts

Parts Needed:
Set of SN95 rear brake calipers
Set of SN95 rear brake rotors
Brake Pads
Brake Hoses
Fittings or adapters for brake lines.

Recommended Parts:
SN95 Master Cylinder 1" or 15/16" bore based on desired pedal feel
Adjustable rear proportioning valve

*Does not include rotors, calipers, or hoses
*Does not retain dust shields
*Does not include park brake cables

Please note: International orders will be shipped without hardware.

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